Sebis Direct is pleased to announce that it has added a second Screen True Press 520 to provide full four-color process digital imaging.

Due to costs and security concerns, transactional documents have traditionally been laser imaged in black-only or black with a highlight color such as blue or red. With the continued reduction in costs of full-color digital production, some applications or segments of applications can take advantage of this new capability.

In transactional document production (bills, ID cards, statements, etc.), color has been traditionally added to documents by the use of pre-printed static forms. Sebis started providing full-color digital imaging about 8 years ago and utilizes full color printers from Xerox, OCE and Konica. Over this period and up to just recently, digital full color was just too expensive for general use in high volume transactional applications. Yes, these costs have been dropping over the period but have still been too high for typical applications. Printers you may have heard of such as the Xerox IGEN(TM) and the Kodak Nexpress(TM) would still cost too much to be practical and competitive.

Sebis has been carefully following full-color technology, offerings and manufacturers for years waiting for the best combination of technology and costs. High-speed continuous inkjet presses have long looked like the best solution architecture.

Some early continuous inkjet printers looked good but early adopting machines did not work out very well. Another obstruction to adoption to continuous full-color imaging in the transactional space is that these documents frequently require perforations. Document types such as checks, receipts, forms tearouts and payment stubs need certain pages perforated. The ability to dynamically perforate only certain pages in a document has become generally available and affordable somewhat recently.

After a long period of analysis, Sebis selected the Screen Truepress Jet 520 in a dual-engine duplex roll-to-sheet configuration with dynamic perforation.

Screen USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyoto, Japan based Dainippon Screen Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Screen is a 60 year old company known very well in the offset printing space. Screen provides computer-to-plate and large format printers, industrial printers and recently fully digital four-color sheetfed presses.

A major factor in this decision was to select devices that have a history of successful installations. The Screen 520 and its variations have over 380 installations worldwide. Some are branded as IBM / Infoprint or Ricoh. There is no other full-color inkjet press with this installed base. Screen's headquarters in the USA is also very close to Sebis (in Chicago).

The Truepress Jet 520 prints on treated papers, standard papers and uncoated stocks up to 20.5 inches wide. The roll-fed paper transport system allows for rapid turnarounds on high-volume projects. The maximum imaging resolution is 720 dpi X 720 dpi with 4 levels of dot size. Throughput is over 100,000, 8 ½ x 11” impressions per hour; Well over 2 million impressions per day.

Sebis Direct's Truepress is configured as a dual engine duplex model, enabling the press to print on both sides of the web roll in one pass. This provides excellent registration which can be an issue with traditional offset forms. Sebis combined the Truepress Jet520 with the best Lasermax paper handling line for high performance paper tension, rotary cutting, dynamic perforating and precision stacking. Perfectly stacked documents with edge-to-edge color exit the system and are ready for assembly.

Full-color capability provides outstanding benefits for document design that improves the readability, attractiveness and utility of critical documents such as invoices and other transactional documents.

Ask your Sebis account manager for more details on full-color capabilities.