Sebis Installs Pitney Bowes Mailstream Evolution Inserters

January 22, 2018
Sebis Installs Pitney Bowes Mailstream Evolution Inserters
To meet new demand and also raise the protection of document security and integrity, Sebis has invested in four Pitney Bowes Mailstream Evolution (MSE) inserters. Two of these are installed in each location. The MSE system is considered one of the world’s most advanced mail finishing lines combining processing speed and document integrity with per-mail piece tracking. Any healthcare organization, securities firm, utility or other organization that requires high integrity will benefit from the high efficiency and integrity to its mail by using this technology. As each mail-piece is processed by the MSE system, it is scanned or sensed over 40 times. This high degree of control and tracking contributes to the speed and integrity of the finished document.

Sebis selected roll inputs to these devices, making them ideal for high volume, high speed document assembly runs. A 52” roll of 18” wide paper can contain over 90,000 8 ½ x 11” sheets. Each machine can unwind and feed up to 72,000 sheets per hour and is capable of 12,000 letters or 9,000 flat mail-pieces per hour.

We have also upgraded our TruePress print lines at both locations by making them able to run roll-to-roll or in roll-to-sheet modes.

This new capacity doubles our ability to process, print, assemble and mail both our normal transactional Protected Health Information (PHI) and Protected Individual Information (PII) documents as well as produce the most complex and effective standard class mailings you can imagine.