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Sebis can manage and produce any document your organization requires. From Invoices, self mailers, books or ID cards, Sebis can produce it. As a provider of compliant and secured documents, all document types utilize the same management and work flow practices regardless of the document type. Privacy and security is protected by electronic processes such as barcode readers and cameras.

  • Fast, Accurate document and print production in Full Color!
    Color is was not generally affordable in transactional documents. With the introduction of new digital press technology, color is approaching the same cost as black.
  • Fast
    Sebis can produce over 2.5 million document impressions per day.
  • All physical document types.
    Books, booklets, pressure seal, ink-jet, laser, ID cards. Sebis can produce every document your organization requires.
  • Accurate
    All document processes benefit from highly secure and audited processes.


Books and Booklets

Sebis provides digital on-demand books and booklets. These systems are connected to and part of the post-processes for documents such as insurance policies and qualified plan books. Each book or booklet is an individual document. These systems also provide books to the Books-on-Demand print processes. Capabilities Include:

Perfect Binding with scoring and side gluing.

Up to 1200 books per hour.

In-line and offline booklet making.

Variable book blocks.

ID cards affixed to pages within books.

Books as Documents - Variable Data Books

Sebis produces documents that are presented and delivered as books. Documents draw data from any number of sources with variable content items such as insurance text, product information and any number of business rules to produce individual versions. Each book delivers a single document to any number of recipients.

Documents as Books and Booklets

Insurance Policies and Certificates

Qualified Plan Desciptions

Enrollment Kits

Service Updates and Directories

Investment and Trust Statements


Books-on-Demand is simply Print-on-Demand for books and booklets. This process allows Sebis to provide books for a fixed price per copy regardless of the size of the order. Costs are higher than with offset printing, but lower for smaller runs because there is little cost to set-up each run. Books-on-Demand provides some of the following benefits:

The exact ordered quantity is printed. There is little or no waste from unsold books.

There is no need to stock books. This reduces warehouse, carrying costs and logistics expenses.

Set-ups to create a run of books is fast. Book blocks and covers are printed in a ready to bind format. Book blocks do not require collation becasue they are printed as fully collated blocks.

It is easier to print books in special formats such as larger fonts or personalized fonts that suit individual preferences.

Books That Benefit Most

Acedemic works

Technical manuals



Niche publications

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Sebis is approved to for electronic submissions of certified mail. Each mailed document is identified by a unique identifier key that allows the USPS to track the progress of the mailpeice as it is sorted and delivered to recipients.

Certified letters may be multi-page documents with up to 6 duplex pages of content.

Certified letters can include color and perforations and reply envelopes

Once submitted, all letters are ingested into a document repository. This repository records all documents exactly as they appear to the recipients.

Tracking and Proof of Delivery

A process at Sebis interrogates a USPS delivery tracking service once every 6 hours. This process collects all delivery information for each mailpiece. When the mailpiece is delivered, the USPS collects a signature from the recipient. This signature is captured and picked up the Sebis processes and the signature image is ingested into the repository along with the delivery confirmation data (including date and time). If the client is a repository client, this information is simply stored and made available through the standard document search/view capabilities. If the client is not a repository client, then we provide a CD containing an archive af all of the documents, delivery events and signatures to you after the mailing is fully delivered.


High Speed – High Integrity Inserting Assembly

Bowe Bell+Howell systems with 3x9 and 2D barcode features provide document integrity capabilities that meet the highest privacy and security requirements.


High Speed – High Integrity Inserting Assembly

Bowe Bell+Howell systems with 3x9 and 2D barcode features provide document integrity capabilities that meet the highest privacy and security requirements.

Barcode Integrity

3x9 and 2D barcode readers scan each document page and check for integrity in the assembly operation.

Touch and Toss Methods

Production faults are recorded by operators. Operators do not repair defective or faulted documents. Faults are corrected after assembly is completed.

Selective Insert Stations

Up to six additional items may be included with each document package. Each item is selected dynamically. For example business reply envelopes can be omitted for a zero balance statement.


Black Laser

Xerox and Kodak black lasers provide conventional photoreceptor laser printer output at 600 dpi and full duplex. All devices equipped with 4-6 input paper trays.

MICR Laser

Xerox and Kodak MICR laser printer capability in both Sebis locations. Checks can be any size. Simplex or duplex is provided.


ID Cards

Sebis provides Plastic (PVC) and laminated TESLIN ID card production. ID cards are an important link between you and your customers and members. The secure and accurate production and delivery of ID cards is a critical document function.

ID card production can be standalone or connected to other compliant document production processes such as insurance certificates or new member kits. Web-to-Print and On-Demand storefronts can direct card composition and production. ID cards and their related documents are loaded into the document repository for records management. Reprint and replacement requests can be provided by Sebis by web requests or IVR or connected to your organizations systems by an api.

ID Cards are Documents

Sebis approaches and considers ID Cards to be critical documents. As such, they are subject to document management and control similar to all critical documents in your organization. The ID card lifecycle from composition, production, replacement and destruction must comply with legislation, records management and all aspects of your organizations governance.

ID Cards and Records Management

ID cards are subject to records management. As such, they generally have a specific enabled or valid lifespan. A replacement card should only be issued to a requestor if it is still valid or enabled. Sebis provides these and all other controls.

ID Card Carriers

ID cards are generally mounted and delivered with carrier documents. The carrier explains the use of the card and/or the reason for the cards delivery. A replacement card will have different message content than a new ID card. Carriers can be standalone in black or full color. The carrier can also be be a document such as an insurance certificate or membership kit.

Plastic / PVC Cards

PVC stands for poly-vinyl chloride. All credit cards (Mastercard, Visa) are made of this material. They are inexpensive to produce, especially in larger quantities. PVC cards are very durable.

Printing on one side (simplex) or both sides (Duplex).

20 mil or 30 mil cards.

Black and full color.

Uses pre-printed template ID card stock


Teslin is a non-toxic, non-cellulose, recyclable material that is 65% by weight inorganic filler (silica – derived from sand). Teslin is used as the core of a card that is then laminated with polyester on both sides. This results in a very durable card because the card graphic content is shielded by the lamination. Cards can be 20 mil or a 30 mil in thickness. Teslin meets all standards that do not specifically require PVC. Some features of Teslin:

The card image is printed by high resolution 4 color process laser printers. This provides superior color consistency.

No pre-printed card templates or blanks are required.

Art and any content on the card can be changed instantly with no loss or spoilage of base template cards,

Cards and card carriers can be unique shapes. Many die variations are available.

Teslin cards can be delivered in a diecut carrier along with keytags.

ID graphics are now digital and can be dynamic.

Color ID card images can be entirely dynamic. ID card front side images are fully variable. Membership or recipient classes can have individual ID card graphics to better recognize and differentiate them. Recipient information can be printed on both sides of the card.


Teslin meets all standards that do not specifically require PVC.

Can't run out of cards.

There are no ID card blanks to run out of. The ID cards are transformed into digital elements printed on the ID card along with the ID card data contents.

Can change card graphics instantly.

No need to go to press, schedule delivery, wait, etc. A change to an ID card layout or image previously part of a pre-printed ID card blank can be changed instantly. ID card blanks cannot become obsolete.

Contact us for samples of ID cards


Ink Jet

Sebis provides high resolution ink-jet. Up to 20M per hour at 600 dpi resolution. Infared drying is used to dry ink on most sustrates and prevent smearing and offsetting of images.