Major Municipality Housing Authority


This organization manages thousands of housing units for low income citizens and senior citizens of a major city. To equitably provide these units across all age groups, ethnicity, and those with special needs, a waiting list system has been developed. Periodically, this waiting list requires renewal and updating. The organization is mandated to provide and maintain an accurate "Wait List" database.


Sebis was able to provide all of the document production management to get multilingual Wait List forms to recipients. A customized system was provided to capture every event occurring to each form. Events included returned undeliverable, qualified responses and unqualified responses. Second and third effort mailings were performed based on the accurate tracking of all previous events.


All of this information, including aggregate reports, is available to the organization through online access.


This organization has been provided an audible electronic record of the status of each Wait List recipient. Inquiries from recipients regarding their status can be handled in an online environment. The organization succeeds in its mission to be fair and equitable in the issuance of its housing inventory.


Perhaps just as important, the organization can demonstrate its processes and fairness to auditors and other government agencies with the information provided by this system.