Sebis Direct - Optimizing the business document process.


Sebis Direct Profile

We provide a full suite of paper and digital marketing, business process document production, and delivery services.Sebis Direct manages and streamlines the processing and delivery of critical business information and business documents for its clients. We also provide ordinary direct mail production services with remarkable economy.

Sebis Direct professionals help our clients become more efficient, cost-effective and competitive. Our strength lies in our considerable expertise and business experience in development and operation of document delivery systems using conventional and electronic methods.

Each client is directly connected 24/7 to their document processes through Sebis' innovative and secure web-based Access Direct system. You are always directly in touch with all your data and documents in the processing cycle.

What typical industries use Sebis?

Insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, Wall Street firms, government bodies, large business organizations and associations, hospitals, medical centers, and not-for-profits all depend on Sebis Direct for timely, secure and efficient management of their document business. For a full list of applications by industry [click here].

Our Process

The Sebis Document Direct service is an "Automated Document Factory". Document Direct tracks and audits each document package throughout the imaging, production, assembly, and delivery process. At the completion of every processing cycle, each and every one of your documents is placed into secure on-line storage for verification, archiving and auditing.

[ Our Process Illustrated ]


This degree of detail and careful handling is provided even for typical marketing direct mail. Click the thumbnail above to get an idea of our process.