Using nothing more than a web browser, you can upload and manage mailing list data, then lay out and compose your printed piece and proof right on your screen.


In five easy steps you will be able to lay out, write, and deploy mailings in a fraction of the time it took in the past.


Sebis can provide a closed storefront application that is available only to your organization and those you approve. Seasonal offers and mail pieces can be offered to your organization that fully comply with branding and graphic requirements. Mailing databases can be centrally controlled and customized by the organization member using the service. Service options such as mailing class, delivery drop dates, payment method (if any) and extra copies are available.

Choose from a library of ready-to-use templates for any kind of marketing materials, signage or point-of-sale material. If your projects require strict adherence to branding guidelines, we can create custom templates available to your users that adhere to your branding standards and enforce best branding practices.

  • Once a template is chosen, you can start a new campaign by editing areas of the printed item to best customize the message.
  • When finished, you can preview a PDF proof on your monitor - you can see exactly how it will look.
  • Your mailing is printed and distributed according to your specifications. Sebis provides the highest quality printing from black to full-color. A full suite of finishing and bindery capabilities is provided in-house.
  • All of this is managed right from your browser with real-time command and control.

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