Celtic Insurance Company


Production and distribution of policies, statements, and general correspondence.


Celtic Insurance had a multitude of separate document composition and production systems. These systems relied on obsolete applications and operating systems and required different, very expensive and clumsy printing platforms. In addition, most document packages required manual assembly due to the wide variety of document packages.


Celtic was relying on a single, highly specialized person to create documents and update the current documents. Celtic was very tied in to a non-standard proprietary platform using a software company that went through several ownership transitions.


Sebis completely re-composed all current and many past Insurance Policy documents. All insurance data is now transformed into XML. All document compositions including policies, agent correspondence and many other document types were converted to the openly defined and adopted XSL:FO specification. This open standard allows Sebis to combine a multitude of document types into very few high-integrity production processes while not dedicating the compositions to a proprietary product. All of the different components of the policy document including response devices, provider directory, ID cards and even reproduction of application images were integrated into an automated print-on-demand policy.


Policies go out same day. All policy and other document images are posted into the organization's imaging system daily. The unified policy format has improved customer service. Access-Direct provides daily accounting of all activity including stock and postage inventories.

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