Worldclass Heathcare Providers Rely on Sebis Direct to Produce, Deliver and Manage Document Processes for the Revenue Cycle.

Sebis provides document production and payment solutions to healthcare providers and facilities no matter the size. The industry faces regulatory security standards, requirements around accessibility, and support for input and output of the 835 file format. Alfresco helps healthcare organizations define, organize, control and store all data. The flexibility of Sebis allows the healthcare sector to improve efficiencies with payment process optimization. Sebis' platform is built to leverage open source solutions and meet rapid time to market requirements. Sebis' pricing model saves organizations millions of dollars in both capital and operating expenses without sacrificing functionality.


Healthcare providers need efficient, cost effective and HIPAA compliant document production.

In the area of document production, HIPAA compliance is a moving target. Even though the law does not significantly change, the interpretations in the courts change as technology systems evolve. What was considered adequate protection years ago is not always adequate today. Using systems based on open standards, Sebis can consolidate and centralize the document production from all sources into an efficient, organized system.


The Sebis Document Direct system can:

Produce Every Document You Require

This includes invoices, statements, general correspondence, collection letters, appointment reminders, etc.


Use Open Standards

Transform all of your document set-ups / templates to an industry adopted platform that uses an open standard.


Stay Connected to Your Processes

Fully connect you to your document processes using Access Direct an online interface.

Document Archival

Provide several methods of document archival from several online methods to conversion for input to your current imaging system.


Internet Document Presentment and Payment

Using eDocument Direct, you can provide a document delivery and payment portal for your customers to see documents / invoices / statements and pay premiums or other charges on the Web.


Provide HIPAA Compliant Zero Defect Production Methods

Barcode tracking and many other production processes are used to ensure that documents meet privacy and other quality control requirements.


No Vendor Lock-in

Prevent vendor lock-in by adoption of Open Systems architecture based on XML.


Provide Full Postage Discounts

Sebis provides automated postal discounts for all mailings. Addresses are processed using CASS and NCOALink systems. This results in postage savings averaging 7 cents per piece.

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