Hand Made Marketing
Production of full-color postcards, books and self-mailers.
Hand Made Marketing excels at creating and managing the highest quality, hand crafted marketing communications. Many items they produce are made to appear that the recipient received the only one. Hand Made Marketing needed highly personalized pieces produced in full-color. In order to do this in medium range volumes, they had to use four-color process litho printing and then laser print or inkjet personalized information as a second process. This took too much time to meet many customer deadlines.
Sebis is able to Print-on-Demand from a library of individual full-color devices. Hand Made Marketing can have thousands of high quality full-color personalized postcards, flyers and other items produced within a day. They are then able to include these items as components in larger packages made up of many items.
Faster turnaround at final total costs lower than conventional four-color process and imprinting.
Client says:
"Sebis can provide a fully processed and full-color printed device within hours. This allows me to focus on the multitude of endless details to fulfill packages to my customers. Quite simply - A better mousetrap!"
- Hand Made Marketing President - Dave Brady