We can also facilitate ordinary direct mail projects using the same reliable systems. Document Direct is the Sebis Direct document production and mailing service. Paper documents will remain an important delivery channel of business information. Document Direct produces and distributes the simple to the most complex paper business documents using a suite of document imaging, production and assembly services. Automated Document Factory methods and technologies track and audit each document package throughout the imaging, assembly and delivery process.

These processes and methodologies are critical to comply with the requirements of business document mailings where each piece may contain private or unique data such as account information, protected health information, policy details, premium costs, grades or other sensitive information.

In addition, our online management system Access Direct provides command and control of your document processes with full accountability and can even provide for online viewing of each piece as it looks to the recipient. If requested, we can maintain a full historical archive of all your document production history. This includes each document image along with who it was sent to and when. Your organization can search and retrieve this information using any number of criteria. Truly, state-of-the-art.

If your document processing requirements include protection of sensitive information or high-integrity command and control of the process then Document Direct is the service you need.


Some examples of Document Direct applications are:


  • Hospital and health care billing, appointment reminders and collections
  • Insurance policies
  • School tuition billing and grades
  • Securities statements
  • Utility billing and noticing
  • Leasing statements
  • Collection agency communications
  • Newsletters and mass customized direct mail
  • Government taxes, violations and utility services

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Document Direct Case Study: Insurance Documents