Sebis provides exceptional quality document management and delivery using the latest technology to improve document processes. Our plants in Chicago and Cleveland are state of the art automated document factory facilities. Sebis provides a zero defect environment which ensures document integrity.

Document processes are started within minutes of your data being uploaded. We recognize that you want answers, not voice prompts, so we provide technical account managers to field your calls. Our results-driven team is dedicated to handling all of your document needs in a fast, courteous, professional manner that is rare in business today.

Sebis was built from the ground up to facilitate complex document applications that demand accuracy, quality, and high velocity.


Here are some of the benefits you get when you work with Sebis Direct;

  • Document Archives – Your documents stored securely for online search and viewing, customer service questions or recreate documents quickly and easily.

  • Reporting – The Access-Direct system is your online dashboard that provides all aspects of your applications: real time job metrics, postage, batch totals, and inventory.

  • Single source – No outsourcing surprises, all work done in the US in house.

  • Co-Location - Two plants to ensure continuity in case of catastrophic event or natural disaster. No delays.

  • Timely - As fast as same day service – shortens days outstanding of bills, faster response rates.

  • Systems - Highly automated processes produce zero defect work – SOC 2 Type 2 certification ensures your documents are well managed.

  • Service - Dedicated account managers that answer the phone. Client contact is supported by the 24/7 Access-Direct dashboard.

  • EBPP - Using eDocument Direct, you can provide a document delivery and payment portal for your customers to see documents / invoices / statements and pay premiums or other charges on the Web.

  • Open Source Software Platform – No annual license fees. – Saves your budget.

  • Separate content from format – Our agnostic system allows you to produce the document once and distribute by USPS mail, email, secure website, or fax.

  • Provide Full Postage Discounts -– Sebis provides full automated postage discounts for all mailings.  Addresses are processed using CASS certification and NCOA (National Change of Address) to ensure quality and deliverability. With the IMb (Intelligent Mail barcode) you can track your mail through delivery date.