The Truepress Jet520 prints on treated papers, standard papers and uncoated stocks up to 20.5 inches wide. The roll-fed paper transport system allows for rapid turnarounds on high-volume projects. The maximum imaging resolution is 720 dpi X 720 dpi with 4 levels of dot size. Throughput is over 100,000, 8 ½ x 11” impressions per hour; Well over 2 million impressions per day.

Sebis Direct's Truepress is configured as a dual engine duplex model, enabling the press to print on both sides of the web roll in one pass. This provides excellent registration which can be an issue with traditional offset forms. Sebis combined the Truepress Jet520 with the best Lasermax paper handling line for high performance paper tension, rotary cutting, dynamic perforating and precision stacking. Perfectly stacked documents with edge-to-edge color exit the system and are ready for assembly.


  • Fast, Accurate document and print production in Full Color!

    Color profiling is constantly monitored. Profiling compensates for the properties of every paper type.
  • Fast

    Up to 2.5 million impressions per day.
  • Colors

    Black and full CMYK color.
  • Accurate

    Barcode security insures front-back side integrity.