Access Your Applications in Real-Time.

    Access Direct is your window to all of your application information. Once you log in, you have access to on-hand postage amounts, stock quantities, and the ability to obtain reports on all application activity, along with having the ability to monitor all production applications in real-time.
  • Make Changes Without Getting IT Involved.

    Control inserts in mailings or the content in message centers or the due date of an invoice run. All this can be done online! Reduce the time it takes to make seasonal or any policy or product line changes to just a few minutes. Access-Direct keeps you in compliance though. Only users with the proper authority can make or approve changes.
  • Instant Reports and Dashboards

    Need to see a postage balance or check on the status of an invoice run? Access-Direct dashboards and reports provide this ability 24x7.
  • Go Back in Time

    Access-Direct maintains a history of all your production activities. All history surrounding each document process is maintained for as long as you wish.