The table below shows only the most common first and standard class postage rates. Most mailings provided by Sebis utilize rates found in this table. Mail discounts are achieved by adhering to USPS regulations. A few of the terms introduced here - and their meanings - follow. Ask your Sebis Direct representative for assistance in achieving the maximum discounts for your upcoming mailing.


First Class Mail - Effective 01/21/2024


Not Over
Non-Automation Automation
Single-Piece Pre-Sorted Mixed
AADC 3-Digit 5-Digit
Letters 1 $0.640 N/A $0.571 $0.547 N/A $0.507
2 $0.880 N/A $0.571 $0.547 N/A $0.507
3 $1.120 N/A $0.571 $0.547 N/A $0.507
Flats 1 $1.390 $1.300 $1.244 $1.108 $1.047 $0.841
2 $1.630 $1.540 $1.484 $1.348 $1.287 $1.081
3 $1.870 $1.780 $1.724 $1.588 $1.527 $1.321
Post Card $0.530 $0.406 $0.390 $0.378 N/A $0.357

USPS Marketing Mail (formerly Standard Mail) - Effective 01/21/2024

3.5 oz. or less Regular
Non-Automation Automation Enhanced Carrier Route
AADC Mixed
AADC 3-digit 5-digit Basic Saturation
Letters $0.365 $0.391 $0.385 $0.365 N/A $0.330 $0.547 $0.229
Flats (4 oz or less) $0.946 $1.037 $1.006 $0.923 $0.816 $0.639 $0.485 $0.305

3.5 oz. or less Non-Profit
Enhanced Carrier Route Automation
Basic Saturation Mixed
AADC 3-digit 5-digit
Letters $0.396 $0.147 $0.228 $0.208 N/A $0.173
Flats (4 oz or less) $0.384 $0.214 $0.767 $0.684 $0.577 $0.400



Each mailpiece must uniformly meet several USPS requirements, such as aspect ratio, size and zip code, in order to be scanned and machine-processed. Correctly done automation earns a discount. Inaccurate addresses and poorly designed pieces contribute to higher, non-automation rates.


Basic and implied standards exist for many USPS options. For example, the mailpiece must arrive at the post office containing the correct amount of postage.

Carrier Route

On average, there are 15 carrier routes per zip code. For both standard and first class mailings, an additional discount is earned when the sortation targets a minimum number of addresses within a carrier route.


The major mail processing categories recognized by the USPS are letter, flat, machinable parcel, irregular parcel and outside parcel. Sebis Direct routinely prepares mailings for clients in the letter and flat categories.


The Post Office delivers First Class mail in one to three days. Bills, statements and personal correspondence must all mail at First Class rates.
Standard Class mail is delivered by the Post Office in two to nine days.


Flats are mailpieces greater than 11.5" wide, 6.125" tall, or .25" thick but less than 12" by 15" by .75".


A letter must conform to specific parameters. It must be at least 5" in length, 3.5" high and .007" thick. It must be no more than 11.5" long, 6.125" high and .25" thick. Other requirements exist.


Postcards are rectangular mailpieces not less than 3.5" high, 5" long and .0007" thick. They are not greater than 4.25" high, 6" long and .016" thick.


To qualify for postage discounts, Sebis Direct mailings are computer pre-sorted by their zip codes with each sort level qualifying for a different rate. A tray of identical 5-digit zip codes gets a better rate than a tray of identical 3-digit zips, for example. The AADC categories come into play as fewer zip code matches are found.


A mailpiece is one letter, card, flat or parcel.