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Sebis can handle your Association's complex document production requirements.

Associations require very effective communications with members. Timeliness and accuracy is key. Associations face new challenges in communicating the value of membership and to acquire new members and retain existing members. The dues billing cycle requires excellent document management from composition to production. Most organizations today support many membership types including local chapters, member types or classes, special interest groups and many other options. Association executives can avoid the stress of this process because Sebis can handle these complex requirements easily. Using systems based on open standards, Sebis can consolidate and centralize the document production from all Association sources into an efficient organized system.

The Sebis Document Direct system can:

Produce Every Document You Require

This includes dues bills, invoices, statements, acquisition mailings, general correspondence, etc.

Use Open Standards

Transform all of your document set-ups / templates to an industry adopted platform that uses an open standard.

Stay Connected to Your Processes

Fully connect you to your document processes using Access Direct, Sebis' online interface.

Provide Full Postage Discounts

Sebis provides automated postal discounts for all mailings. Addresses are processed using CASS and NCOALink systems. This results in postage savings averaging 7 cents per piece.

Membership Kits

Sebis provides full kitting and fulfillment. This includes new member kits, membership cards, and Association storefront items.

Online Document Archival

Provide your member support staff with the ability to view every document sent to your members online. Or, convert these images to your current imaging system.

Internet Document Presentment and Payment

Using eDocument Direct, you can provide document delivery and a payment portal for your customers to see documents / invoices / statements and pay premiums or other charges on the web.

Provide Zero Defect Production Methods

Barcode tracking and many other production processes are used to ensure that documents meet quality control requirements.

No Vendor Lock-in

Prevent vendor lock-in by adoption of Open Systems architecture based on XML.

Provide Black, Highlight Color or Full-Color Documents, Postcards, etc.

Sebis provides outstanding options to best communicate your message to your members.

Sebis Can Provide Design Services Using Best Practices to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Dues Billing.


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