eDocument Direct

Integrate your offline and online billing and payment processes. Reduce payment times to just a few days. Reduce postage.

Integrate Online and Offline Documents

eDocument Direct delivers the economy and efficiency of the Internet for delivery of invoices, dues bills, notices and newsletters. This online solution is fully integrated with bill and other document production.


Close the Document Delivery and Payment Gap

Reduce the payment cycle on your receivables by offering online bill payment services. Typical payment times on posted bills are 7-10 days - but with online bill payment you provide your customers with online payment option - reducing payment times to just a few days.


Accept Online Payments

We provide secure eCommerce services and can accept incoming payments for your customers. The interfaces are branded with your identity for a seamless experience. Reduce your payment cycle and speed-up cash flow by accepting online payments for your invoices and bills.


Use Your Existing System and Bills

Your organization does not need to change its current billing software – or even the appearance of its bills.