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Insurance organizations have extremely complex and demanding document production requirements. Sebis can meet these requirements.

Insurance organizations frequently host multiple IT platforms and systems, such as underwriting, administration, general correspondence, billing, imaging, and others. These systems each generate documents that require precise management in all phases of composition and production. Using systems based on open standards, Sebis can consolidate and centralize document production from all sources into an efficient, organized system. By using XML, Sebis can accept data from completely separate systems and centralize production, archival, and presentment of all documents.

If your organization wants to keep its current document composition platform...

If your organization wants to maintain the use of its own document composition and production platform, Sebis can still provide outstanding production services. Sebis can accept fully formatted printstreams such as HP/PCL, Postscript, AFP, Xerox metacode and others. These printstreams can be enhanced with postal processes and production controls such as barcodes required for zero defect processing. Sebis can then utilize its highly efficient automated document factory to produce these documents even though they are fully composed by your organization.

The Document Direct system can:

  • Produce every document you require. This includes checks, policies, claims correspondence, general correspondence, statements, invoices, etc.
  • Transform all of your document set-ups / templates to an industry adopted platform that uses an open standard.
  • Provide you with the ability to produce document output locally.
  • Protect your investment in this platform because:
  • You will own and have the tools to self-produce documents. Document set-ups use an open standard language that allows you to switch service providers and even software platforms.
  • The organization will own the document compositions.
  • Provide and install a new general correspondence system at the desktop level.
  • Fully connect you to your document processes using an online interface.
  • Provide full postage discounts.
  • Accept current data streams and future XML (Acord™ standards).
  • Convert existing system output to XML and the new document production platform.
  • Ensure that any new administration system will work in this new document production platform.
  • Allow you to perform your own document maintenance or do it all for you.
  • Provide several methods of document archival from several online methods to conversion for input to your current imaging system.
  • Using eDocument Direct, provide a document delivery and payment portal for your customers to see documents / invoices / statements and pay premiums or other charges on the Web.
  • Provide print-on-demand capability to provide forms to customers.
  • Provide HIPAA and SOX document zero defect production methods.
  • Prevent vendor lock-in by adoption of Open Systems architecture based on XML.


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