Using a well-developed library of communications tools and web processes, Sebis can construct a custom communications application that meets your needs.

Custom Development is frequently the best way to approach organization objectives. Sebis has developed applications that combine document generation with customer systems or web-based applications to achieve specific customer objectives.


Example features include:

  • Custom reports including graphs or web-based pages of your mailings and data in each document
  • Ability to request the mailing of specific documents to specific recipients or kits online
  • Match response data entry with mailed documents
  • Create automated responses to requests from your customers


Examples include some of the following systems:

Association Election System This system generated and mailed ballots in three languages. The recipients are able to vote using the paper ballot or log in to a Sebis-hosted election system and vote online.


Updates to Qualified Retirement Plans A major bank requires that its team of Financial Advisers updates the language in every single qualified retirement plan administered by the bank. This application requires that Sebis track every document sent and received. Financial Advisers need to see the update status of each customer plan. Sebis provides this solution.


Updates to Public Housing Waiting List A major Midwestern city requires that the list of people and families waiting for available housing is updated periodically. Sebis provides the document imaging and mailing, online tracking, online reporting, and data collection activity that provides closed system security protecting the integrity of these communications. This ensures that potential residents are treated fairly and that all communications regarding the status of each family are tracked and maintained.


Custom Solution Benefits

With our custom development capabilities we can link into your workflow and data in order to pull out the product you need. We are not limited to a single platform or suite of tools so almost anything is possible.

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