Sebis Direct Inc. isn’t slowing down! Ever since our establishment in 1981 as a high integrity and highly complex document mailing production company, Sebis has continued to expand and experience a high level of growth, even despite the current industry challenges production companies experience.
Throughout its thirty years of experience, Sebis Direct has continued to grow immensely, most recently having purchased a new, 145,000 square foot headquarters space in April 2020. Sebis Direct also owns a second operations facility in Cleveland, Ohio that provides for the necessary disaster recovery needs of the industry.
Sebis Direct is a veteran in collaborating with major healthcare organizations in producing their critical bills and statements. Additionally, Sebis Direct also serves the financial, insurance, marketing, government, and non-profit association sectors with all their document mailing needs.
To find out more on how Sebis Direct can provide solutions for your business, please contact Wes Sanders at (312) 243-9300 Ext. 22.